A Caring and Sharing Organization

The Watson Foundation is a community based non-profit organization founded to empower economically disadvantaged individuals with a variety of housing preservation and health related needs. Those needs such as a pathway to home ownership, foreclosure prevention, budget planning and financial counseling, and modest home improvements for the disabled and physically challenged.
We have been in business since 2010 as a Georgia non-profit corporation in good standing and a beacon of hope in the communities we serve.
The Watson Foundation's inspiration behind its formation has been the memory and deeds of my maternal grandmother, Betty Jackson Anthony.
She had a very loving and giving spirit and was the backbone of our family. "Ma Betty", as she was so lovely called, lived to be one-hundred ten years of age and was always quick to reply "no ways tired".  She gave her all to the community and family.  It is only appropriate that The Watson Foundation reflect upon the many kind deeds of Mrs. Betty Jackson Anthony by giving to those in need.

Our mission is to "Leave Them Better Than We Found Them".

P.O. Box 1095
Douglasville, GA  30133
Office/Fax: 770-947-1529
Cell:  770-826-0089/770-826-0090